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Welcome to The Way Gym. A private Personal Training studio and Martial Arts & Fitness centre. We are a family run business operating in North Bristol providing quality instruction in Martial Arts, Fitness and Weight Loss. We pride ourselves on our warm welcome and non intimidating environment to ensure that everyone who joins us feels at ease - regardless of age or ability. With kids starting from age 6 through to clients in their 60's we have something for everyone...

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Our Classes

We run a full timetable of classes throughout the week in both Martial Arts and Fitness.

All run by qualified and proven coaches and instructors.

Take advantage of our FREE 7 day trial and try out our classes.

Our Personal Training

We are a private studio, not an open gym. Exclusively for personal training.

We have 4 trainers and coaches, all with different expertise.

Contact us for a free no obligation visit and chat with one of our trainers to discuss your goals.

2024 Timetable: 

Kids Classes:

Kids MMA

Kids Kickboxing

Adults Classes:



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Open Mat & Gym


- Tues 5:30pm - All ages

- Weds 5:30pm - Age 10+

- Thurs 5:30pm - Age 6 - 10

- Mon 6:30pm All Levels 90min

- Tues 6:30pm All Levels 60min

- Thurs 6:30pm All Levels 90min

- Mon 6:30pm Fundamentals 60min (tbc)

- Tues 7:30pm Fundamentals No Gi 60min

- Weds 7:00pm All Levels Gi 90min

- Fri 9:00am All levels No Gi 60min

- Fri 6:00pm MMA 90min

- Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm (members only)

- Tues 8:30pm (independent club, not TWG)

For all classes, after your 7 day free trial, you will need a membership - sign up here:

1 x Kids Class per week

1 x Adults Class per week

Unlimited Adults Classes

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